1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie

ordinary sort is sold under the name of one or other of the Communes or parishes of the Medoc and, if of the better sort, under the names of the Estate or Chateau of its origin. Margaux is a parish or Commune of the Medoc and in the parish of Margaux stands the Chateau Margaux, one of the first three chateaux of the Medoc. There are about seventy parishes of Medoc producing Claret; the best known are the Communes of St. Julian, St. Estephe and Margaux, but the Commune of the parish of Pauillac, which is not so well known in England, produces more superlative Claret than any other. In 1880 Phylloxera destroyed the Bordeaux vineyards ; that IS why Claret made previously to 1880 is called " Pre- Phylloxera Claret." That which has been produced since has been as good probably, but not quite the same, not so lasting. Clarets of 1870, for instance, are still perfectly sound and good today. It is, however, a risk and often a mistake to keep Claret too long. PORT There are different types of Port: red, white or tawny, and, of course, a difference in the style, age, strength and sweetness. Vintage Port is the best. This is a " Red " Port and, if the wine of any year shows exceptionally well, the very best are selected, examined by expert tasters and laid aside. The grapes must be perfectly sound and perfectly ripe when picked and a good " sunny " year is usually a " Vintage " year. They are shipped from Oporto about eighteen months to two years after the Vintage and are bottled in England soon after land ing. Time is then given for maturing and if given sufficient time in a peaceful home, away from the light of day, changes of temperature and all shocks, the result is a perfect wine after about twelve to fifteen years. Tawny ports are blends of Ports of different years matured in cask in the presence of much more oxygen—the oxygen from the air so that the rate of maturation is more rapid, resulting in loss of colour and strength. The older it is the dearer it is, but it is never so dear as Vintage Port. Ruby Port is a fairly young wine, less expensive than Tawny or Vintage Port. White Port is cheaper still, is favoured by ladies, is white in colour and sweet in taste. Some of the best Vintage years were 1927, 1924, 1922, 1920 and 1917. 1912 was shipped by nearly all shippers.


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