1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie

as was also the wines of 1908, 1904, 1900 and 1896. There were also wines not shipped as Vintages by many shippers, but were excellent wines, such as Graham 1897 and Sandeman 1911. Previous to 1896, wines like 1887 (the "Jubilee" Port), 1878, 1875, 1868, 1863, 1851, 1847, back to 1815 " Waterloo " and 1811 " Comet " Ports may still be occasion ally unearthed out of some old cellar, but they have long since ceased to be a commercial proposition. One of the most important things connected with Port is the glass from which it is consumed. Many people serve Port in small glasses filled to the brim and by so doing lose half its charm. Port should be served in a medium-sized glass and should not be much more than half full. This pre serves the aroma of the wine, which in Port has a fascination that is quite indescribable. Never fill a glass of Port to the brim; rather underfill it and replenish as may be required. Acknowledgments to Andre L. Simon, President of the Wine and Food Society.

The secret of many famous bars

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