1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie

BRANDY LABELS " Those Mysterious Markings " Ages of Brandies are clearly marked on the bottles and accepted in the " Trade" as a guarantee of age, but not necessarily of quality. One Star: A Brandy over 3 years old. Two Stars: „ „ „ 4 Three Stars: „ „ „ 5 V.O. is the next older; then in the following order: V.S.O., V.S.O.P., V.V.S.O.P., with various E, M and X labels falling in between. The meaning of the letters are as follows: V. Stands for Very. E. Stands for Especial or Extra. S Special or F. „ „ Fine. Superior. M. „ „ Mellow. O. „ „ Old. X. „ „ Extra. P. „ „ Pale. NOTES ON BOTTLES It is legally defined that Imperial Quart and Pint bottles must contain a fourth and an eighth of a gallon, but the actual liquid contents of bottles of wine which most people accept as containing a quart, does not come under this ruling, as it is in a similar category as a glass of beer ordered at the " local " as against a request for a half-pint. Even so it is only the unscrupulous that take advantage of such things, and wines purchased from reliable firms will contain liquid con tents, which is accepted and classed as the " reputed " quart, it is one-sixth of the Imperial Gallon and 26f fluid ounces as against the 40 fluid ounces of the Imperial Quart. " OUTSIDE SIZES " Magnum contains 2 Bottles (two " reputed i" quarts 0.35 Gals.) Jeroboam or Double Magnum 4 Rehoboam 6 Methuselah 8 Salmanazar ... „ 12 Balthazar 16 Nebuchadnezzar ... „ 20 Tappit-hen ... „ 3 Imperial Quarts " WINE LABELS " (CHAMPAGNE) Brut or Nature defines the wine as being: Very, very dry. Extra Sec or Extra Dry defines the wine as being: Fairly dry. Bottles (0.70 Gallons (1.05 (1.40 (2.10 (2.80 (3.50

Sec defines the wine as being: Medium sweet. Demi-Sec defines the wine as being: Sweet.


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