1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie



{Glossary of Wines, Spirits, Liqueurs, Etc.)

Absinthe A very potent distillate, from wormwood and other aromatic plants. The sale of which is prohibited in France, Switzerland and the United States. Advocaat (Dutch Liqueur) Made from eggs, brandy and sweetening. Akvavit, Aquavit (Scandinavian, highly rectified spirit) Distilled from grain, potatoes, or various other items, flavoured with caraway seeds. Alcohol Is a pure spirit, a liquid generated by the fermenta tion of sugar and other saccharine matter, and forming the intoxicating element of fermented liquors. Amer-Picon (French " Bitters " or aperitif cordial) made from quinine aromatics and spices. Angelica (A Basque Liqueur) Pale yellow in colour, very sweet and flavoured with angelica and other aromatics. Angostura (Trinidad aromatic bitters) A skilfully blended preparation, of aromatical herbs and roots. Anis (Spanish Liqueur) Sweet and colourless, with an Aniseed flavour. Anisette (French Liqueur) Aniseed flavoured, sweet and colourless. Apple Jack, Apple Brandy, and Calvados (Normandy Spirit) Distilled from Cider, colourless, and of a very high strength, also unsweetened. Apricot Brandy (English Liqueur, and elsewhere) Tawny in colour, very sweet, made from fresh apricots and brandy. Armu^nac (French Brandy) Distilled from the wine of the Gers Departement of France. The centre of the Armagnac district is Condom. The Bas-Armagnac wines give the best Armagnac Brandies. There are three classes of Armagnacs— Grands, Fins and Petits.


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