1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie

tails must be blended much in the same way as an artist blends his colours. In the perfect blend of cocktail no ingredient is predominant to the palate. There are some 8,000 known recipes of mixed drinks, but these are not all cocktails, though the term in its present-day elastic sense may be used to cover them all. Every single one has its specific place in the ritual of drinking. Let us examine the classifications in detail. Perhaps the best known is the aperitif. As its name suggests the whole object is to stimulate the appetite and so it must possess two main qualifications: it must first please the eye, for the eye is the first safeguard of the palate; secondly, it must have a clear and immediate eflfect, leaving the drinker wanting another. A few of the most popular are: "Dry Martini," "Manhattan," " Gin and Dubonnet." Broadly speaking, these drinks are not shaken, but stirred in the mixing glass. Possibly the largest group in the mixed drink classes is the one generally covered by the term " cocktail." It is not always appreciated that this type of drink can be taken after a meal, for its digestive effect, though this is seen to be quite reason able when one realises that one of the ingredients in this group is always a liqueur. " Sidecar," " Classic," " Brandy Crusta " are typical examples. It is necessary to sub-divide the remaining vast numbers of drinks which are classed under the heading of mixed drinks, i.e.: The " Sour," with its essential sharp and cleaning effect on the palate. The " Cobbler," with its particular appeal to the eye, brought about by the lavishness of its decoration, with the generous use of fruit. For those who like a little effervescence with their drinks there are, of course, the " Fizzes," this effect being produced by using either a little soda water or at least one sparkling ingredient. When I state that in a " Flip " an egg must be one of the elements, I leave readers to use their imagination as to when this drink may be taken; and, of course, the same applies to the " Noggs," which in addition contain milk. Who has not in the heat of the day enjoyed one or more of these long drinks, which come under a heading of their own—let us term them " Coolers." Remember that they must have two main qualities: they must be cold and as attractive as possible.

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