1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas



J lb.of galanga. J do. orange peel. J do. lemon jjeel.

Ground to coarse powder; macerate witb gaUocs oi alcohol,95 per cent,(see No.5);then add a syrup madec It gallons of water, and 12 lbs. of sugar. (See Ni 11 Filter. (See No. 3.)

48. Bitters, Stoughton.

8 lbs. of gentian root. 6 do. orange j)eel.

do. snake root (Virginia). ^ do. American saffron. 5 do. red saunders wood. Ground to coarse powder; displace with 10 gaUons ol 4th proof spii-it. (See No.4.)

49. Brandy, Angelica.

IjJ- lb. ofangelica root. 2t oimces ofcinnamon. 1^ do. lavender flowers. do. liquorice-root.

Ground to coarse powder; then add to 10 gallons ot proofspirit and 6 lbs. of rectifier's charcoal. Distil over to 60per cent.; then mix 3 pints of white plain syi-up (see No. 7),and so much of water as to get 10 gallons in the whole.

50. Brandy, Anise-seed.

3 lbs. of anise-seed. 2 ozs. ofcararvay seed. 3 ozs. of ori'is-root. Ground to a coarse powder; then add to 10 gallons ol

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