1876 The Bar-Tenders' Guide or How to Mix all kinds of Plain and Fancy Drinks by Jerry Thomas



The foUowing additional Recipes include all the latest mventions in Beverage,s,obtained through the courtesy of some of the most celebrated caterers to the tastes of an appreciative public in our- first class bai'S and wine-rooms; also a number of new and highIy-aj)proved recipes for compounding Prepared Punches according to the latest and most poj)ular methods, with all the information necessary for making such of the ingi-edients as requii-e previous preparation.

237. Brandy Daisy.

(Use small bar glass.)

3 or 4 dashes gum sjuup. 2 or 3 do. orange cordial. The juice of half a lemon.

1 small wineglass of brandy. Fill glass halffull ofshaved ice. Shake weU and strain into a glass, and fill up with Selt zer water fi-om a syphon.

238. Whiskey Daisy. Prepai-ed in the same manner as Brandy Daisy,substi tuting whiskey for the brandy.

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