1885 New Guide Hotel Bar Restaurant




— strain the sherry into a

To serve

sherry for two hours.

bowl, — add a bottle of fine dry champagne, about 1 pint of crushed ice, serve at once with punch ladle, straws and a sprig of verbena in each glass.

Crustas, Fixes and Sours.

These drinks are served in green or red hock glasses, and next to the julep, they are the prettiest (from an artistic point of view) drinks sold at the bar. You first mix your ingredients in a small tumbler, or rummer — and when they are quite ready, you stand the glass in ice, whilst you pare a lemon, and chat to the customer. You cut it precisely the same way as you would an apple, round and round in one piece, with as little of the white pith as possible. Measure round the glass with the lemon, and cut off sufficient to line the inside. The whole glass is not lined, only a rim of lemon placed inside. Having measured the glass lay the lemon on one side. Rub the edges of the glass, inside and out with a cut lemon. Dip it in pearl sugar, and it looks like fine hoar frost on the red or green glass. Now put in the lemon rind, fixing it so that the drinker will have no trouble, i. e, lower at the side where the lemon rind joins — so that the liquid will come clearly from the glass into the mouth. A VERY good mixture for a


Is as follows :

Eau D'Or,

1 Small Glass.

J Teaspoonful. 1 Liqueur Glass.

Calysaine Bitters,


Shaved Ice.

Mix these together in a small bar tumbler ;

stand on the

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