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DISTILLED WATERS. Elder Flower Water.

Take 6 lbs. of bruised flowers, and infuse them for 24 hours in 1 gallon of water, then put it into the still and distil in the usual way, always remembering that the still should never be quite full and the fire never of such a strength as to cause it to boil too rapidly. The vapour should run out in a very small stream.

Rose Water

Is made in the same way as orange flower water, and using the same proportions.

Jessamine and Clove Pink Waters

Are made by taking

of the flowers, to every pint


bruise them and infuse in water for 2 days,

of water;

keeping them closely covered.





For purposes of perfuming, generally steeped in proof spirit, water is added and they are dis- The operation requires care, judgment and practice. these flowers are tilled.

Orange Flower Water.

It will be necessary to have a long narrow necked still for the purpose of making orange flower, and other waters. The orange flowers must be picked fresh from the trees. I like a proportion of the leaves in as well, thus we will say you have 1 lb. of orange flower petals, add to them J lb. of the green leaves of the orange plant. You will require to that 2 pints of water. Steep for 24 hours after bruising, or grinding the flowers in a mortar. Put them into your still, and use a moderate fire, so that the goods

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