1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)

Manhattan Cocktail. This is made in the same way as any othe r cock– tail , except that you will use one-half vermouth. and the othe r half whisky, in the place of using all whi sky, omitting absinthe. Martini Cocktail. Is half Tom g in and half vermouth made like any other cockta il; no absinthe. Metropolitan Cocktail. The i1w redi ent of a r eo-ul a r cocktail and h alf a b b jigger of ve rmouth and half brandy, made the same way as a regul a r cockta il. Olcl-fashionecl Cocktail. T ake one-half lump of s ug ar, and dissol ve it with wat er in a bar or whisky g lass, which have the same meaning ; then pour out the water; add a littl e bitters, sy rup and absinthe as you would to any other cocktail ; twist a pi ece of lemon-peel; drop in two or three pieces of ice, one jigger of whisky ; stir with a spoon, and s tra in into ano ther whi sky g lass. No. 2. Prepared like the old-fashion No. 1, with the exception tha t you use one chunk of ice only a nd leave it in the g lass inst ead of s t ra in it. P o1·t F lip. Port Flip is made in the same manner as an E gg or a She rry F lip , using port wine in place of sherry, e tc.

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