1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)


Rum Puff. Same as Gin Puff, except to substitute Medford rum for gin. Seventh Regiment Punch. In a cobbler glass, syrup and lemon- as in a whisky punch, one-half a jigger of brandy, fill with ice; one jigger of Catawba, dash of Jamaica rum; stir well ; decorate with fruits and straws. Rum Puncb-Bowl. For one gallon of punch; two quarts of Medford rum, two quarts ·of water, a wi.ne glass full of mara– schino, one pound of sugar, the juice of one dozen lemons; one-fourth ·pint of pineapple juice; stir until the sug ar is dissolved ; add one big chunk of ice and fruits on the top. Royal Cocktail. Take a bowl champagne glass, put in a few drops of pepsin or peychaud bitters; add about one-half t easpoonful of pulverized sugar, then fill your glass half full with seltzer; then, with the pinchers, take a g ood size lump of ice, hold it above your glass with your left hand, whilst with the rig ht you pour on the top of the ice a jigger of v~rrnouth which you had previously measured in another glass. This makes a fin e appearing drink, and the making of it is very at– tractive to young thorou g hbreds.

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