1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Bottle Cocktail. T o ma ke a s ple nd id bot tlo of brnndy cock tail use t he fol\owiug i11g 1·oclient.s : T a ke two-thirds brandy. One .t hird wate r. One pony g lass of Boker's bit.tor s . One wino-glass or g um sy ru p. One-half pony glass of Curacoa. The a u thor has always u sed t his r ecipe in compound– ing t he a bove be ve rage for conn oisseurs. Whiskey an d g in cocktails, in bot.t ies, may be m ad e by us ing the a bove r ecipe, a nd subs t itu t ing t hose liquor~ in– s tead o f brandy. Coffee Cock tail. Use a lw ·ge bar glass. Take one teaspoon ful p owde r ed white s ugar. One fresh egg. One hu·ge w ine-glass of p ort wine. One pony of brandy . T wo o r t hree lumps of lee. Break t lrn egg int o t he g lass, put in the s ugar, and la stly the port wine, brandy a nd ice. . Sha ke up very t horoug hly and s t rain into a. medium bar goblet. Grate a llttle n ut meg on top before s er vin g . T he na me of t his dri nk is a mis nomer, us coffee a n d bitters a re not to be found among its in gredie n ts , but It looks like coffee whe n it has been properly concocted, a nd h ence probably its n am e.

Vermouth Cockta il. Use s mall bar glass . T ake two d as hes or Boke1-'s bit t e rs.

On e w ine.glass of Ve rmout h. One qua 1·ter s lice or le mon .

Shake the b itters an d Vermou th with a s mall lump of Ice, s train In a cocktail g la ss in whic h t he ll•rnon has b een placed. If the cus tome r prefer s it very swee t, add t wo dashes of gu ru syrup.

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