1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Champagne Sour. Saturate a lump of loaf-sugar with lemon juice, put into a long thin half -pint glass, add a piece of ice and a slice of lemon, fill up with cold cham- pagne, stir and serve. Continental Sour. Make a plain sour of the desired liquor and top off with claret. Gin Sour. Prepare same as Brandy Sour, using gin in place of brandy. Jersey Sour. Mix same as Apple Brandy Sour, using half a tablespoonful fine sugar in place of gum syrup. Medford Rum Sour. Concoct in same manner as Brandy Sour, sub- stituting Medford rum for brandy.

St. Croix Sour. Same as Medford, substituting St. Croix rum.

Whiskey Sour. Prepare in same way as plain Brandy Sour, using whiskey in place of brandy.

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