1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



half a jigger allash, half a jigger orange brandy; mix well; strain into fancy bar-glass, trim with


Russian Tea Punch. Dissolve one pound of cut loaf sugar in three pints of hot green tea, add the juice of three lemons and three jiggers of creme d 'allash, a few thin slices of lemon, serve hot, or when cold ice well and sip with straws. Sauterne Punch. In a mixing-glass, dissolve one tablespoonful fine sugar in a little water, add three slices of lemon, one and a half jiggers sauterne, fill the glass with fine ice; mix well. Put all into a long thin punch-glass, trim with fruit. Serve straws. Scotch Whiskey Punch. Prepare in the same manner as Brandy Punch, substituting Scotch whiskey for brandy. Sherry Punch. A mixing-glass half-full fine ice, half a table- spoonful fine sugar, the juice of one-fourth a lemon, the juice of one-fourth an orange, one and a half jiggers sherry ; mix well, trim with fruit. Serve straws.

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