1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Rhine-Wine and Seltzer. Fill a thin glass half full of Rhine-wine, then fill up with seltzer. This is a favorite summer drink. Rock and Rye. Pour into a whiskey-glass one teaspoonful pure rock-candy syrup, add a small bar-spoon, and allow the customer to help himself to the whiskey. Rum and Gum. Place before the customer a whiskey -glass con- taining one teaspoonful gum syrup, and a small bar-spoon, then hand out the desired kind of rum and allow him to help himself. Rum and Sugar. Serve in the same manner as Rum and Gum, substituting a lump of sugar dissolved in a little water for gum. Scotch Whiskey Rickey. Concoct in the same manner as Brandy Rickey, substituting Scotch whiskey for brandy. Vermouth Rickey. Place one lump of ice in a medium-sized bar- glass, add the juice of half a lime, one jigger ver- mouth ; stir with spoon, fill up with carbonic water, drink during effervescence.

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