1895 The Mixicologist by C F Lawlor


Champagne Cocktail-(Plain.) Put one lump cut-loaf sugar in small, thin lemon– ade-glass, one or two dashes Schroeder's bitters, one piece twisted lemon peel; p ut two or three small lump~ of ice; fill with champagne; st ir gen t ly; ser ve. Champagne Julep. Use thin lemonade-glass, one lump cut-loaf sugar, two or three small lumps of ice, two sprigs mint bruised slightly; pour in the champagne slowly; stir gently until full; add seasonable fruits; serve. Brandy Sour. Fill mixing-glass two thi rds full of fine ice, juice one quarter lemon, one clash Jamaica rum, one large spoonful sugar; shake well; strain 111 punch-g lass; add fruit. Brandy Flip. Fill mixing-glass two thirds full of fine ice, one barspoonful sugar, one jigger brandy, one egg; shake well ; strain in star champagne-glass, nutmeg on top; serve. Brandy and Soda. Put two or three lumps ice in thin lemonade– glass, one jigger brandy ; pour in one bottle of dub soda.

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