1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Silver Cocktail. Use large barglass.

One dash gum. Two dashes orange bitters. Three dashes Maraschino. One-half wine-glass French Vermouth. One-half wine-glass gin. Stir with spoon, strain in cocktail glass, and serve after squeezing piece of lemon peel. Star Cocktail. Use large barglass. Three-quarters glass of shaved ice. One or two dashes gum. One dash Curacoa. Three dashes bitters. One-half wine-glass French Vermouth. One-half wine-glass applejack. Stir with spoon, and after straining in cocktail glass, serve after squeezing lemon peel on top. Vermouth Cocktail. Use small bat gla~s.

Two dashes of Boker's bitters. One wine-gla~s of Vermouth. One-quarter slice.of lemon.

Shake the bitters and Vermouth with a small lump of ice, strain in a cocktail glass in which the lemon has been placed. If the customer prefers it very sweet, add two ·dashes of gum syrup. ·

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