1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Saratoga Cocktail. Use large bar g lass.

One-half glass of shaved ice. Two dashes pineapple syrup. Two dashes bitters. Two dash es Maraschino. 'J.'hree-quarters glass old brar.dy.

Mi..x with bar spoon, and after straining put a couple of strawberries on top, twist a piece of lemon peel, and top with one squirt of champagne.

Jersey Cocktail. Use la1-ge barglass. Take one teaspoonful of fine white sugar. Two dashes of bitters. Three or four lumps ofice. Fill tumbler with cider, mix well with a spoon, and remove the ice before serving.

Royal Fox · Cocktail. Use small ba1"glass. One-half full of shaved.ice. Three :dashes of Angostura bitters.


Two dlishes·gum syrup·. Large 1iouy brmidy : · Pony of Vermouth. Shake well, strain into cocK.tail glilSll, add a quarter of a slice of lemon and serve.


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