1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Lemonade. Use large bar glass. One and one-half tablespoonful sugar.

Six to eight dashes lemon juice. Three-quarters glass shaved ice. Fill up with water, shake well ; dress with fruit, or decorate with slices of orange and lemon.

Egg Lemonade. Use lar,;e bar glass.

One fresh egg One half tablespoonful sug ar. Seven or eight dashes lemon juice. Three-quart~r &"lass fine ice. Shake well, stram 111 large bar glass and serve ; no fruits. Seltzer Lemonade, Use large bar glass. One and one-half tablespoonfuls sugar. Four to six dashes lemon juice. A few lumps ice. Fill with seltzer, stir with spoon and serve ; 110 fruit. Soda Lemonade. Make same as seltzer lemonade, using but one tablespoonful of sugar, and substituting soda for seltzer.


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