1903 The Complete Buffet Guide or How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks by V.B. Lewis

How io JY!ix All Kinds of Drinks.


Fill glass with bottle of lemon soda. Stir well and se rve. Ornament with a slice of orange and berries.

WHISKY COCKTAIL. (Use la rge bar glass .)

73 glass shaved ice. 2 or 3 dashes gum syrup. r or 2 dashes Angostura or Baker's bitters. r or 2 dashes Cu racoa. r wine-glass whisky . Stir well ; strain into cocktail glass. Twist a piece of lemon peel on top and serve. VERMOUTH COCKTAIL, NO. I. (Use small glass. ) r ,U pony French vermouth. 3 dashes Angostura or Baker 's bitters. 2 dashes gum syrup . EAST INDIA COCKTAIL. (Use large bar glass. ) 1 teaspoonful r aspberry syrup . r teaspoonful r ed Curacoa. 2 or 3 dashes Boker's or Angostura bitt ers . 2 or 3 dashes Maraschino. r wine-glass brandy. Stir well; strain into a cocktail glass . Twist a piece of lemon peel on top and serve. FANCY BRANDY COCKTAIL, NO. I. (Use large b ar glass.) Fill your glass one-half full of shaved ice .

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