1903 The Complete Buffet Guide or How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks by V.B. Lewis

How to Mi x A ll Kinds of Drinks.


I slice lemon. Fill glass with shaved ice; shake thoroughly. DresE" with fruit, and serve with a straw.

GIN PUNCH. (Use large bar glass .) 3 teaspoonfuls powdered white sugar.

1 pony Seltzer or Apollinaris. 1 ~ wine-glass Holland gin. 4 or 5 dashes lemon juice. Fill glass with fine ice.

Shake well. Dress with 2 slices orange; one-half slice pineapple, and berries; serve with a straw.

HOT IRISH PUNCH. (Use large bar glass.)

3 teaspoonfuls powdered sugar. 1 or 2 dashes of lemon juice. 1 wine-glass Irish whisky. Fill up with hot water; stir well. Place a slice of lemon on top, grate a little nutmeg and serve. KIRSCHWASSER PUNCH (FOR ·BOTTLINQ). (Use large bar glass.) 1 teaspoonful powdered sugar.

2 or 3 dashes lemon juice. 3 or 4 dashes Chartreuse. 1 wine-glass Kirschwasser.

Fill U of the glass with shaved ice. Dress with fruits; serve with a straw.

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