1903 The Complete Buffet Guide or How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks by V.B. Lewis

The Complete Buffet Guide, or


SANTA CRUZ SOUR. (Use small bar glass.) r large teaspoonful of powdered white sugar disĀ· solved in a little Apollinaris or Seltzer water. 3 dashes of lemon juice. r wine-glass of Santa Cruz rum. Fill the glass full of shaved ice, shake up and strain into a claret wine-glass, ornament with orange and berries in season. BRANDY SHRUB. (Use bowl-to make 8 quarts.) 6 lbs. of loaf sugar, dissolve well with a bottle of plain soda. 5 quarts of old brandy. 3 quarts of sl).erry. 1 2 lemons. Peel the rind of 5 lemons; add the juice of the other 7 lemons and mix with brandy into the bowl , cover it close for 5 days, then add the sherry and sugar, strain through a bag, and bottle. CURRANT SHRUB. (Use a bowl for mixing; general rule for preparing.) r quart of currant juice. rU lbs. of loaf sugar. Boil it gently 8 or ro minutes, skimming it well; take it off, and when lukewarm , add U gill of brandy fo every pint o-f shrub. Bottle tight. Mix a little shrub with ice water and you will have a delicious drink. Shrub may be made of cherry or

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