1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

CHOICE RECIPES 107 and h ealthful properties t o Ca rbonic Acid Gas, i ts absence mak es it fl a t, stale and unpalatable, a m1 it should b e drawn so as to r etain it. Modern practi ce r ecommends th e pre ·sure from Liquid Carbonic Gas for drawing b eer fo r th ese r easons : It will b e k ept in its n a tural sta te any length of time. Th e last glass d rawn will be a s good or better than th e first. Imported b eer can b e k ept on draught. Gas whi ch would b e lost will b e r e– pl aced by t he gas pressure. Th e extra profi t p er b arrel will mor e t han pay for t h e gas and outfit. The n ext b est way t o draw b eer is by means of a h ydraulic or hand air pump. Do not keep bottled b eer on ice, but stand th e bott l es up in the ice b ox so as to allow th e sediment to settl e, and wh en serving open car efully ·so as not to agitate th e contents; and pOlll' slowly. In ser v ing bottled b eer u se gl ass la r ge enough to hold th e conten t s of t he bottle. In drawing beer or in serving from bottles b e careful not to allow th e b eer to bverflow the gla ss a nd run down th o sides, as it is disagr eeabl e for cus– tomers to handle a w et glass. Ale in bottles should ·be stood up and poured v er y ca r efull y. It should be served col d; but not k ept in i ce box, except a supply suffi ci ent for present d emands. Ales in bulk should be k ept· in a cool pla ce. Ba r men using draught al,e' will do well always to consult th eir b r ewers a s to b est and most mod ern way to h a ndl e bulk ale, as the brewer is alway s on the al ert to devise a nd use th e b est and latest methods.

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