1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



iontally. I ever k eep more champagne on ice than is n eeded for immediate u se, and keep it at a t emperature near freezing point until used. To cool champagn e and allow it to get warm again impaiTs the strength and flavor of th e win e. I n serving champagne, ascer tain what bra nd th e customer desires. 'rhen place the glass on the bar, take th e bottle from the i ce; twist or cut th e wire off a nd cut t he strin g below t he neck of the bottle ; r emove the cork with t he band and wipe the mouth of the bottle w ith a cl ean napkin or towel. In ser v– ing any kind of wine to a party always pour a little first in to th e glass of the customer who ordered it, t hen fill up t he g lasses of his g uests, r eturnin g to him last. ·when a d rink ing party is seated at a t abl e and a bottle of win e of any kind i s or dered, n ever un cork th e bottle until it bas first b ceu set fo r a moment on th e table so t hat th e cus– t omer who ord ered the wine may see th a t it is what he ordered. Wb en champagne frappe i s called for the quickest way to freeze the win e is to place th e bottle in a cool er with broken ice and torpedo salt on top; th en, u sin g both )mn-ds, twirl the bottle briskly and in such manner as to cause the mouth to describe a circle whil e a t th e same tim e th e bottle i s r evolv– ing b ack and forth; then draw the cork · a nd cover the mouth of the bottle with a clean napkin. In drawing the ~ork from all oth er kinds of wine bottles cut off the top of th e foil cap b el ow the groove in th e n eck of the bottle; th en remove that part of the foil above t he incision and w ipe the mouth of th e bot tl e with a cl ean towel to prevent any foreign

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