1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



' ing get your glasses clean and shining; clean all silverware ; prepare ice water ; look to your bar napkins and towels and see t hat a ll serving bottles are fill ed and corked, placing those for im– mediate use on ice. Then get you r work board in order, i. e., a thorougli washing and polishing, and place on it such articles as b elong there. When washing glasses do not spr ead t hem all over t he counter, but leave r oom enough t o wait on your early customers com– fortably; and a s soon as possible get your glasses b ack again on the back bar or wherever th ey b elong. Be car eful to k eep y our array of glasses on back ba r always tastily arranged. The effect of shining glassware, prnp– erly arra nged on a back bar, lends a peculiar enchantment to t he general handsome appear a nce of a first-class bar. When th e cleaning is finish ed fi ll up the i ce boxes or working b ench with fine i ce and put in tho servin.,. stock. Then prepare the l emon peel, fruits, b erries, etc., which will b e n eed ed during the day. N ev er lea,·c glasses· on the bar one moment longer than possibl e and in a rush, take a

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