1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Flasks, qua rts. Flasks, pints. Flasks, 1h pint.

Fruit Dishes. Fruit Forks. Funnels. Furniture Oil and Polish. Gimlet. Glass Towels. I-lammer. Honey and Syrup Pitchers. H ot \Vater Kettle. rce Cooler. Jee P ick. Ice Scoop. Ice Shaver. Ink. Jiggers.* 'l-~ Labels. Lemon Knives. Lemon Squeezers. Liquor Gauge. Liquor Measures, gallon. Liquor Measures, half-gallon. Liquor Measures, quart. Liquor Measures, pint. Liquor Measmes, lh pint. Liquor Pump. Liquor 'rhieves. Mallet. Match Boxes and Matches. Material for Cleaning Silver.

Mixture Bottles. Molasses Pitcher. Mop Handle and Wringer. Mucilage. · *Note: The Jigger is u sed for meas– uring liquors when mixing drinks. It is more convenient to use than a wine– gl ass and holds the . proper quantity to u se when in any r ecipe for mixing -~rinks a wineglass of any ingredient is r eferred to. Thfil jigger polds € ounces. - - - ·

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