1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



"Let me p lay t he fool; Wit h mirt h auJ l a ughter let Old W rink les come ; And let my liver r at her heat with wine 'rhan my h eart cool wi t h mortifying groans. ' ' " L et us drink; who would not. Since t hrough l ife's va r ieu rouml Jn t he goblet alone n o deception is found. '' * ' ' Noth ing in na ture 's sober fo11111l, But au et ernal '' healt h '' goes ronncl. F ill up t he bowl t hen, fill it high– F ill all the glasses t her e; for why Should every creature rlrink b nt J ; W hy, man of mortals, t ell me why~" * . ' 'My kindest r egards. '' -A- '' 0 , fill the wine cup high I 'rhe sparkling liquor pour ; For we will care a nt! grief defy, T hey n e 'er shall plague us more. ' ' * ' ' H ere's sunshine a nd happiness. ' ' * '' Our Country : May she always be in t he right- but our count ry, right or wrong. '' FAMILY DINNER TOAST. " Herc's a toast to t he host who car ver! the r oa st, And a toast to t he h ostess- may none ever ' r oast' us. " * TOAST TO WRITERS. Here's to t he angel who shoves t he quill, W hen he 's not sick of himself he mak es others ill.

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