1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe




"Let her go Gallagher." *

BARKEEPER'S TOAST. ''Trust, bust! '' *

TOAST TO THE PROHIBITIONIST. H er e's to our countryman, exceelliugly piou~; He can 't swallow straight goods; his mouth's cut on t he bias. * ''Money to . him who has t he spirit to use it. ' ' * ''Be flush and your friemls are many, Go broke and you lose them all ; You 're a great old sport at $4.00 a quart- But not if you happen to fall.'' * ''A bumper softens every care.'' * ''There's not a place in earth or heaven, There 's not a task to mankind given, Th ere 's not a blessing or a woe, T here's not a whispered yes or no, There 's not a life or birth That has a feather's weight of worth– Without a woman in it.'' * The physician-although professedly a good man, the worse people arc tile more he is with them. * TOAST OF THE FORSAKEN SWAIN. ''I clutched the gobl et as a vise, And pledged her thus in wine : May Eve forget her P aradise Beneath another vine! And then I said, t he waves may fling

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