1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

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Wine is good, Love is b ett er; False morals spin a spider's fetter. So :fill up the bowl, Be a jolly old soul, And you '11 °be lovecl by your girl when you get her . * TOAST TO A SAD MAN. H er e 's to th e knees that are always quaking; H er e's to t he hearts that are always breaking; May th ey be steeped in mellow whis· k ey, Or plunged in rich '' L acry ma -Christi. '' * TOAST TO PUBLISHERS. H er e 's to the man who disseminates brains· When the 'qu ality's bad it's the devil who gains. * CLOVER CLUB 'S TOAST. Here's to a Jong life and a merry one, A quick death and a ha ppy one,

A good girl and a pretty one, A co.kl bottle and another one. * Say, why did Time, His glass sublime, Fill up with sand unsightly,

\.\Th en win e he kn ew Runs brisker through j\nd sparkles far more brightly~ * RIP VAN WINKLE 'S TOAST. H ere is y our goot b elt, lJnd your family's goot helt, Uod may y ou all live long und brosper.

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