1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Go tb en in your church of the cloud– r eaching spire, Wh icl1 g ives to t he sun his same look of rerl fir e, Where the nr ehcs :incl colnmn s nre gor– geous witl1in, Auel t he walls seem as pure as a sou l without sin; Walk dow-n the long aisles, see th e ri ch and tho great In th e pomp aud the p ride of their worldly estate ; W alk down in your patch es, and find, if y ou can, . Wbo opens a pew to a Mon eyless Man. Go, look in the b a nks, · wh ere Mammon has told His hundreds ancl thousands of silver and gold; Wh ere, safe from the hands of the starving and poor, Lies pile upon pile of the glittering ore! Walk up to th eir count ers- ah, there you may stay 'Till your limbs grow old, 'till y our hairs grow gray, And you'll find .at th e banks not one of tbe clan With money to lend to a Moneyless Man! Go, look to yon judge, in bis dark, flowing gown, With th e scales wher ein Jaw weigheth equity clown; Wh ere he frowns on th e weak an d smil es on the stron g, And punishes right whil st h e justifies wrong; Where juries th eir lips to the Bible have laid, To r ender a verdict-they've already made;

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