1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe




Sauterne, 2 jiggers. Fill up with ice; stir well; decorate with fruit and serve with straws. Cobbler, Sherry.

Use l arge bar glass. Syrup, 1 teaspoonful. Lemon peel, 3 pi eces, twisted. Ice, :fine, fill glass.

Sherry 'vine, fill glass nearly to top. Stir with long bar spoon, bringing the syrup and l emon peel n early to the top; dress with fruit a nd serve w it h straws. Cobbler, Whiskey. Use lar ge bar glass. Sugar dissolved in water, 1h tabl e- spoonful. Maraschino, 1 dash. Whiskey, 1 jigger. Orange, 1 slice quar t er ed. F ill glass with ice; stir; dress with fruits and serve with straws. Cocktail, Absinthe. Use mixing glass. Ice, fill glass %, full. Absinthe, 1 pony glass. Water, pour in slowly 1 wineglass. Syrup, 1 teaspoonful. An gostura bitter s, 2 dashes. Stir and strain in cocktail glass. cocktail, Blackthorne. Use mixing glass. Ice, :fine, fill glass 2-3 full. syrup, ~ ~easpoonful. L emon Juice, ~ teaspoonful. Orange bitters, 2 dashes. Angostura bitters, 1 dash. Vermouth, 1h wineglass. Gin, Sloe, 7'2 wineglass. Stir well; strain into cocktail glass and serve.

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