1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



the milk slowly, stirring all the time. Then pour t he froth carefully over the top of the mix ture and serve in pun ch glasses, dipping out with a latlle, an d sprinkle nutmeg on t op of each glassful. E gg Nogg, Hot. Use small ba r glass. Sugar, 1 tablespoonful. Egg, 1. Br a ndy, 1 wineglass. J amaica rum, lh wineglass. Milk, hot; fill g lass. ~bairn a~


E gg Nogg, I mperial. Prepar e same a s Hot Egg Nogg above, substituting cold for hot milk a nd u sing 1-3 of the glass of shaved ice. E gg Nogg, Plain. Use small b ar glass. Sugar, 1 l ar ge t ablespoonful. Ice shaved, ~ glass. E gg, 1. Whisk ey or Santa Cruz rum, 1 wine– gla ss. Milk; fill up the gla ss. Shak e; strain into t all t hin ghtss~ sprinkle with nutme~ a nd ser ve.

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