1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

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Sugar, 1h tablespoonful. Lemon, juice of lf:,. Old 'l'om giu, 1 jigger. Egg, white of 1.

Shak e ; strain iuto fi zz glass; :fill ' 11 p wit h seltzer :incl ser ve to be cl runk whilst effer vescing. Fizz, Golden.

·Use mixing glass. Ice, fine; fill glass. Sugar, l/~ tablespoonful. L emon j uice, 4 clashes. Tom Gin, 1 wineglass. Egg, yolk of 1.

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Shak e; strain in to fi zz gl ass; fill with seltzer ancl serve t o be thunk while effer vescing. Fizz, Morning Glory. Use medium size mixing glass. Ice, 2 or 3 lumps. Sugar, 1 b arspoon h eaping full. L emon, juice of 1. . Absi nthe, 2 clashes mixed in table· spoonful of water. Egg, white of 1. Gin or whisk ey (as preferred), 1 jigger. Shak e; strain into large punch glass; fill wi t h seltzer and ser ve to be clrunk while effervescing. Fizz, Royal. Use mixing glass. Ice, fi ne; fill 2·3 full. Egg, 1. Sugar, lf2 tablespoonful. Gin or whisk ey (as preferred ), 1 wineglass. Shak e; strain ino fizz glass; fill wit h Apollinaris to be drunk while effer· vescing. Lemon, juice of 1;'2.




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