1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



( All "Float s" of st raight li quors a re made in the same manner .) Frappe, Absinthe. Use mix ing glass. Ice, shaved; fill glass. B enedi ct ine, 1 teaspoonf ul. Absinthe, 1 pony. ยท Water, 1 wineglass. S hake un t il outside of sha k er is frosted ; strain into a 6 ounce glass a nd ser v e.

Frappe, Champagne. P lace t he b ottle in a champagne cooler filled with shaved i ce a n cl salt ; whirl the bottle until t h e wiue b ecomes almost frozen. Frappe, Vermouth. Use lar ge b ar glass. Ice, shaved ; fill glass lf:i full. Ver mout h, F r ench, 1 11:! pony. S eltzer or Apollin aris ; fill up glass. Stir anlt ser ve.

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