1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

4 PREFACE for all kinds of modern drinks, t ogether with appropriate toasts and valuabl e hints and instructions r elating to t he bar business in all its details, and which if faithfolly studied ant! applied w ill enable the veriest novice in the busi– n ess to b ecome an exper t mixer and a thoroughly compet ent bar-tender in a r ema rkably short time. The work also contains a number of v ery suggestive and amusing illustra– tions, for which the publishers are in– debted to th e courtesy and affability of

Messrs. G. F. Heublein & Bro., New York, Hartford and London, Sole Own– ers and Distributers of Heublein's Fa– mous Club Cocktails. The work is al so an excellent guide for private individuals-ladi es a nd gen– tlemen who entertain in their homes– as ampl e and explicit directions for making and serving delicious beverages in bulk a re given. Stewards of Clubs, Dining Car Mana– ger s, Butlers in private families a n d all those who cat er to the exclusive classes will :find thii;i work an almost i ndispens– able ai d to them in the performance of their duties. The merit a nd honor involved in any occupation-with all that this assertion

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