1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

HOW TO MIX THEM 45 of cold water. Serve with a long banĀ· die bar spoon and a little ice in another

glass on the side for cooling. Lemonade, Mineral Water,

Prepare in same manner as for plain lemonade, substituting for plain water whatever mineral water may be desired. Stir instead of shaking. Serve. Lemonade, Orgeat. Use large bar glass. Ice, shaved; fill glass % full. Water; fill balance of glass. Sugar, 1 teaspoonful. Lemon juice, 4 dashes. Orgeat, lllz wineglass. Stir; dress with fruit; serve with straw. Lemonade, Plain. Use large bar glass. Ice, cracked; fill glass l/2 fulJ. Sugar, 1 teaspoon heaping full. Lemon juice, 6 dashes. Water; fill up glass. Shake well; dress wi t h fruit and serve with straw. If customer desires th e drink strained, strain into smaller glass and dress with slice of orange. Lemonade, Port Wine. Use large bar glass. Ice, shaved; fill glass % f ull. Sugar, 11h teaspoonful. Water; fill up balance of glass. Port wine, 4 dash es. Shake, dress with fruit and serve. Lemonade, Rhine Wine. Use a goblet. Ice, shaved; fill glass 1-3 full. Sugar, 2 teaspoonfuls. Lemon juice, Yz lemon. Rhine wine; fill glass. Stir; dress with fruit and serve.


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