1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Mull ed Al e (see page 9), subst ituti ng Dublin S tout for ale. Pousse Cafe Abricotine.

Uso pousse cafc glass. Abricotine, 1-il glass. Maraschino, 1·6 glass. Curacoa, 1-6 glass. Char treuse, 1-6 glass. Bran dy, 1-6 glass.

Use great car e tha t colors do not mi.'-'.. Set fire to b randy, allow to blaze a momen t a nd extinguish wit h bottom of another glass, and serve. Pousse Cafe, American.

Use pousse cafe glass. Chartreuse, 11.i, glass. Maraschino, 11 glass.

Curacoa, l/.i, glass. Brandy, 14 glass. Use care t hat colors do not mix. Ser ve. Pousse Cafe, French.

Use pousse cafe glass. Maraschino, % glass. Raspberry syrup, 1-6 glass.

Vanilla, 1-6 glass. Curacoa, 1-6 glass. Chartreuse, 1-6 glass. Brandy, 1·6 glass.



Pour in each ingredient separat ely from a small wine glass, using gr eat car e that t h e colors do no~ mix. Ser ve. Pousse Cafe, Leah. Use pousse cafe gl ass. Raspberry syruR, 1-6 glass.

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Mara schina, 1-6 glass. Or ange syrup, 1-6 glass. Cnracoa, 1-6 glass. Yellow Chartreuse, 1-6 glass. Green Chartreuse, 1-6 glass.

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