1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Jamaica rum, 1,4, jigger. . Sugar, 1 large sr oonful dissol ved. in another glass, wit h t he juice of 1 }lroe and a little Apolliuaris, and pour into punch glass. Stir well; clash with champagne; stir again; decorate and serve.· Punch, Brandy. Use large b ar glass. Ice, shaved; :fill glass '}:' 1 full. Sugar, powdered, 2 teaspoonsful in little water. L emon, 1 h . St. Croi.'\'. rum, ¥! wineglass. Bra ndy, 11/~ wineglass. Pineapple, 1 piece. Orange, 1 slice. Shake well, dress with fruit and serve with straw. Punch, Champagne (for four). Use glass pitcher. Champagne, 1 quart bottle. Sugar, ¥! pound. Orange, 1 sliced. Lemon, juice of 1. Pineapple, 3 or 4 slices. Strawberry syrup, ~ wineglass. Dress with fruit and serve in large champagne goblet s. Punch, Chocolate. Use ·lar ge bar glass. Ice, :fine; :fill glass 2-3 full. Sugar, 1 teaspoon. Port wine, 1 wineglass. Curacoa, 1 pony. Egg, 1. Milk; ftll up glass. Shake; h rain into punch glass ;



sprinkle with nutmeg and ser 7e. Punch, Claret. Use large bar gl ass. I ce, fine ; fill gla,ss 2-3 foll.


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