1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Brandy, llh quarts. Jamaica rum, 4 jiggers. Abricotine, 3 jiggers.

Allow t his mixture to stand in the bowl for about 8 hours in ice box, then put good sized piece of ice in another bowl of sufficient capacity a nd straw the mixture into this second bowl; decorate the ice with fruit and serve Use large bar glass. Ice, shaved, ~ glass. Vermouth, 1 jigger. Medford rum, 1 Jigger. Orange bitters, 1 clash. Gum syrup, 3 dashes. Lemon juice, % lemon. Stir; serve with preser ved p each. Punch, Companion (l1/ 2 gallon mixture for 25 people). Use large punch bowl. L emon juice, 1 pint. Syrup, 1 pint. Orange j uice, lh pint. Brandy, 1 pint. Dry and Sweet Catawba, 4 quarts, equal parts. Carbonated water, 2 quarts. Stir well; put large square piece of ice in bowl and decorate it with fruit. in punch glasses. Punch, Cohasset.



Serve in punch glasses.

Punch, Curacoa.


Use large bar glass.

Ice, shaved; fill glass. Sugar, 2 t easpoonfuls. Lemon juice, 4 clashes. Brandy, 1 wineglass. Curacoa (red), 1 pony. J amaica rum, 112 pony. Dress with fruit and serve with straw.

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