1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Punch, Duchesse.

Use mixing glass. Ice, fine; fill glass 2-3 full. Gum syrup, 1 teaspoonful. Pineapple syrup, 1 t easpoonful. L emon juice, 2 t easpoonfuls. ·Jamaica rum, 1 tablespoonful. Abricotine, 1 t ablespooi:iful. ,Tokay wine, 1h wineglass.

Brandy, 1h wineglass. Egg, the white of 1.

Shake ; strain into punch glass ; dress wit h fruit ; dash with seltzer and serve · with little nutmeg on top. Punch, E gg Milk. Use large bar gla ss. Ice, shaved; fill glass lh full. Egg, 1. Sugar, 2 teaspoonfuls. Bra ndy, 1 wineglass. St. Croix rum, 1 pony. Milk; fill up glass. Shake to a cr eam; strain; serve with nutmeg on top. Punch, Fish Club. Use a bowl. (11 1 ~ gallon mixtur e for 8 p eople.) L emon juice, 1-3 pint. Sugar, %, lbs. dissolved in water . Cognac, lh pint. Peach brandy, 14 pint. J amaica rum, 14 pint. Wat er, 2% pints, i ce cold. Serve in punch glasses. · Punch, Garden (11/ 4 gallon mixture for 25 people). Use punch b owl. Ice ; good size piece i n bowl. Lemon j uice, 2 winegla sses. Sugar, %, lb. Pineapple or orange juice, 1 w ine· glass,

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