1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

58 F Ar CY DRINKS : Bourbon whisk ey, 134 gallons. Ser ve iu llha rnpagn e glasses. Punch, Hot Irish. Use hot wa t er gla ss. Sugar, 1 lump, clissolvecl iu L t t lc hot wa t er. Iris h whisk ey, 1 winegla ss. L emon peel, 1 piece. Hot wa t er; fill up glass. Stir a nd serve with nut meg on to;). Punch, Hot Rum. P r epar e t he same as Hot I ris h, s~;b­ stituting rum for Irish whiskey. Pw1ch, Hot Whiskey. P r epa r e the sa me as Hot Irish, suL– stit uting Ry e or Bourbon for Iris h whisk ey. Punch, Hub (Boston style). Use small b a r glass. Ice, 1 piece. Gum syrup, 2 t easpoonfuls. St. Croix rum, 1 dash. Stir ; decorate a nd serve. Punch, Isabella (l gallon mixture f or 20 people). Use punch bowl. Ice, 1 good size piece i n bowl. Sugar, 1 lb. Pineapple, 1 can. L emons, the juice of 16. Ora nges, 4 cut in slices. Wa t er, 1 gallon. Stir well and ser ve with fruit in lemonade gla sses. Punch, K irchwasser. Use lar ge bar glass. Ice; fill up ,glass. Sugar, 1 h t a blespoonful. Lime or lemon juice 1 2 dashes. L emon,. juice of 1. Cognac, 1 jigger.

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