1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Chartreuse, 4 clashes. Kirchwasser, 1% wineglasses. Stir with spoon; dress with fruit and ser ve with straw. . Punch, Long Branch (2% gallon mix- ture for 50 people). Use puneh bowl. Ice, large piece in bowl. Lemon, juice of 36. Gum syrup, 2() ounces. Pineapple or orange j uice, 12 ounces. Abricotine, 8 ounces. Jamaica rum, 1 pint. Port wine, 4 quarts. Catawba, dry, 4 quarts. Stir well ancl serve in stem glasses; decorate with fr.uit. Punch, Medford Rum. Use large bar glass. Ice, shavecl; fill glass. Sugar, 1 t easpoonful. Lemon juiee, 3 clashes. Medford rum, 114 glass. Jamaica rum, 1 clash. ยท Stir ; cleeorate with fr uit and serve with straw. Punch, Milk. Use large bar glass. Ice, shaved ; fill glass 1-3 full. St. Croix rum, 1 wineglass. Jamaica rum, % wineglass. Milk; fill up the glass. Shake; strain and serve with nutmeg. Punch, Orgeat. Use large bar glass. Ice, shaved, fill up glass. Orgeat syrup, l l/2 tablespoonfuls. Sugar, 1 teaspoonful. Brandy, 1 wineglass.

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Brandy, 1% win.eglasses. L emon juice, 4 clashes.

Shake; decorate with fruit, clash with port wine and serve with a straw.

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