1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe




hampagne; fill up glass. Stir; dress with fr uits nutl ser ve w it h straw. Punch, Whiskey. U~e mixing glass. Tee, shavecl; fi ll glass. Sugar, 1 tablespoo nful. Lemon, l,4 of 1, th e ;juice to b e p ressed into t he sugar. Wld.sk ey, 1 jigger. Water, 71:? jigger. Shake; strain i nto pun ch glass; dress wit h fru it a nd servo. Remsen Cooler. Use large pu ncb glass. Ice, 3 small lumps. Lemon, tb e rind of 1 pared whole as an apple is par ed and p ut it in to glass. Oltl Tom gin, 1 jigger. · P lain soda; fill up glass. Serve. Rhine Wine and Seltzer. Use large bar glass. Rhine wine off t he i ce; fill glass ¥? full. Seltzer off th e ice; fill balance of glass. Rickey. Use long, thin cha mpagne glass. Ice, .1 piece in glass. Lime, squeeze 1h of 1 and drop rind, seeds and all in. Gin, 1 jigger. Seltzer; fill up glass. Ser ve with spoon. Rickey, Bliz 's Royal;

Use a rickey glass. Ice, 2 or 3 pieces.

Lime, %, or l,4 of a lemon. Raspberry syrup, 4 dashes.

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