1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

now 'l'O MIX THEl\I 75 other kind of spirituous liquor whi ch may be preferred . The bottle can b e r eplenish ed with liquor several time'l, or as long as the stren gth of the t ansey lasts. Toddy, Apple, Hot, No. 1. Use hot water glass. Sugar, 1 lump. L emon p eel, 1 sli ce. Boiling water; fill glass 2-3 full. Apple brandy; fi ll up glass. Stir; sprinkle with nutmeg a nd ser ve with a spoon. Toddy, Apple, Hot, No. 2. Use hot water glass. Sugar, l,6 tablespoonful. Boiling water; fi ll glass 2-3 fu ll. Appl ej ack, 1 wineglass. Baked apple, 2 teaspoonfuls. Stir ; sprinkle with nutmeg and serve with a spoon. Toddy, Brandy. t le water. Hand the bottle of brandy to cus– tomer and l et him help himself. Put spoon in glass. Toddy, Gin. Use whiskey glass. lee, 2 pieces. Sugar, % teaspoonful. Holland gin, 1 win eglass. Stir well ; hand th e bottle to t he cus– tomer and let him help himself. Put spoon in glass. Toddy, Kentucky. Use large flint glass, lce 1 l lump. Use whiskey glass. lee, 1 small piece.· Sngar 1 1 teaspoonful dissolved in lit–


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