1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe


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Burned sugar, 3 oz. P ut sufficient water in to make up 2 gallons. L et the seed an d peel r e· 1:: ain in the spirits for 2 to 3 weeks. 'l'ben drain off the spirits and put water i n place of spirits. Two clays later drain of this water allll replace by a second quantity of water. T hen mix th ese three tinctures together and acld first t he coloring a nd t hen t he syr up.

Filter through fine linen. Bitters, ''P ick Me Up.'' Orange p eel, 1 oz. Angostura bark, 1 oz. Lemon peel, 1 oz. Chamomile fl owers, lf:! oz. Chireta, 1h oz.

Cinnamon b ark, 1/ 1 oz. Cardamom seed, 1/1 oz. Carraway seed, V. 1 oz. Raisins, 4 lbs. Spi rits (10 U. P .), 1% gallons. 1\![aeerate 30 clays; pr ess and filter. Bit ters, P lain. Orange, juice of 1. L emon, juice of 1. Cloves, 1% cloz. Steep in rum for 60 days. Bitters, Quinine. Sulphate of quinine, 160 g rains. Orange peel, choppecl, 1 lb. Cinnamon, bruised, 3 oz. · Vfrginia, snake r oot, 1 oz. Rai sins, 1 lb.

Cape wine, 2 gallon s. Proof spiTits, 1 pint.

Dissolv e quinine in the spirits by sligh tly heating both a ncl pour it on the orange p eel. Put it in a tight vessei

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