1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

92 CHOICE R.ECIPES T inct ure of tar taric acid, %, oz. M ix. Syrup, Sarsaparilla. Oil of ani s, 10 drops. Oil of wintergr een, 20 drops. Oil of sassafras, 20 drops. Caramel, 6 oz. In 4 oz. of a lcohol cut t he oil s. Mix. Syrup, Simple. S ugar, r efi ned, 7 lbs. Water, dist illed, 1 gallon. Di solve sugar in wat er over slow fire. Syrup, Strawberry. Whit e syrup, 1 gallon. Essence of str awberry, 1 oz. Tar taric acid, 1 oz. Color with t incture of solferino. M h:. Syrup of Vanilla . Whit e syrup, 1 gallon. Extract of vanilla, 1h oz. Mb'.. Syrup, Wild Cherry. Wild cherry bark, 4 oz. Steep 36 hours in 1 pipt of cold water ; pr ess and adcl lh lb. suga r. Strain. CORDIALS, SYRUPS AND EX– TRACTS. Aniseed Cordial. Oil of aniseed, 1 oz. Spirits of wine (60 0. P .), 5 pints. Cor dial syrup, 11 pints. Dissolve oil in the spirits b y shak– ing them t ogether in a j ar; t hen a dd th e syrup and shak e well. If t h e mix– ture i s cloudy, :fine with alum and salts of t artar. '

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