1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

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constructed for the purpose. T ho author foes not consider. it advantag– eous or practicable for bar men or pri vate families to attempt the ma nu– facture of this line of goods when they can be purchased at the minimum p rice from ma nufacturers a nd bottlers who mak e a specialty of t hat business, a nd t herefor e the compon ent parts of such waters, and the process of manufacture, are not given in t his work; it b eing considered sufficient for all practical purposes to supply, for t he gu idance of the reader, a_list of t he principal and most popular waters : ,Mineral Waters Required in a Modern Bar. ApoJlinaris (imported) . Bromo-Seltzer.

Congress Water. Delat our Soda. French Vichy.

Hathorn Water. Hunyadi Janos. Johannis Water. Londonderry Lithia Water.

Magnesia Water. Red Raven Splits. Syphon Seltzer. Waukesha Waters (aerated). WINES, FRUIT; HOW TO MAKE I N BULK FOR BOTTLING. Note : Wines should not be bottled wh en th e weather is cloudy. To obtain a transparent appear ance, bottle on a clear, bright clay. Never reduce over· strong wine with water unless water bas been boiled and allowed to settle

and become clear. Wine, Blackberry.

Gr ound cloves, 1,4 oz. Ground cinnamon, 1,4 oz.

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