1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Nutmeg, grated, 1 drachm. 'ar damom seed, 1 drachm. Bla ck b erries, 5 gallons.

Mash b erries and put in 5 gallons of water ; h eat the mixture to a boiling point, but do not allow it to boil. Then adcl 11h gallons of white syrup a ncl pour the whol e mixture into a 10-gallon keg, and set it in a warm place, k eep– ing i t full all t he time. After fer– menting strain, press and add a gallon of n eutral spirits. T hen filter and bot– R ipe cherries, 35 lbs. B rown suga r, 5 lbs. ·water enough to make 8 gallons. Fren ch brandy, 11h pints. Add little y east and put away to ferment. Wine, Currant, Black. Bla ck curra nts, 5 gallons. Water, 5 gallons. Crush ed sugar, 10 l bs., dissolved in t he water. H eat the mixture to 100 degrees F a hrenheit and put it into a 10-gallon k eg a nd set it in a warm place. Th en let it ferment and strain and press, adding 1 gallon of spirits; filter and bottl e when clear. Wine, Currant, Red. Reel currants, 70 lbs., bruised an l pressed. Brown sugar, 10 lbs. Water; fill up 15-gallon cask. Ferment. Wine, Ginger. Water, 3 gallons. Sugar, 3 lbs. Jamaica ginger, 4 oz. Boil 60 minutes; strain ; add 3 finely- tle wh en clear. Wine, Cherry.

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