1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



chopped lemons and 1 gill of yeast. Mix; pou r into a keg; let it ferment 7

clays and draw it. Wine, Gooseb erry.

Gooseberries, 40 lbs. Br-own su g~r, 7 lbs. Distilled water, to make 10 gallons. Br a ndy, 1 quar t. Ferment. Wine, Grape. Extract th e JUICe from thoroughly ripe grapes and obser ve following pro– portions: Juice of grapes, 1 quart. Water, 1 qu art (soft boiled water ). Sugar, 1 lb. All ow it to ferment and when clone, bung it up tight. In 90 days the wine will be in shape to draw off; but if kept a year or longer will be far b etter. HEART TO HEART TALK WITH BAR MEN, by the author of this little work, whose locks have been whiten ed by the shaved ice and pow– der ed sugar of many a sweltering summer. When self- assertion cloes not cross the boundary lin es of practical pru – dence and common sense it i s a virtue of bigb mer it; for it develops ind e– pendence of thought and action. Wh en it neglects t he brakes and goes too swiftly and t oo far, it tumbles over th e cliffs and lands in th e r ealms of the ''Big ·H ead ' '-just acr oss the divide, don't you k now. Th er efore, do yom work conscientiously, holding th e minor detail s of each clay's business well in hand and do not invent new clrinks (which ar e often purely re– varnpecl old ones), unless you r eally

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