1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



have lli ·covered something of int ri nsic merit. In this age of g reat prog ress and many kinds of drinks, it seems to have become the mission of almost every dilettante to proviL1e a n ew 1hink f~r every other dilettante, and the r esult i s that w e are lite1·ally entangled in n:cshes of inextricable complication. 'fhe experienced old bar man is heart– sick. The young man-the novice-is dismayed; but n either of them would te at all surprised to see, a t any mo– ment, a truck drive up a nd clump in to their receiving rooms a treatise on mixed drinks quite as voluminous and ponderous as the Chicago City Direc– tory . It is safe to state that not 1 drinker out of 100,000 could, for a lotter y capital prize, enumerate 50 modern drinks outside of the straight drinks. l3ut do not be dismayed nor discour– aged. This little volume contains a ll the drinks that you will ever have occasion to u se and the most of you will never have a call for ·the great majority of these ; but they a r e all here, if needed, a nd contained in small space. After all, most of these modern drinks, outside of the old standards, are only slight variations from t he parent mixture, ancl are obtained by the addition of a dash of this and a dash of that, etc., ancl they arc ephemeral. ''Yesterday 'twas sherry, now Tokay,'' ''And every dog he has his day. '' In this work is given r ecipes fo r making drinks in bulk, for parties, r e– ceptions, etc. Any bar man who can mix the indi-

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